The world is like a mirror, and creation is a process of continuously conversing with ourselves

The result is wonderful, but it is not the case at the beginning. The shadow of artistic creation is another self in the mirror. It keeps conversing with itself and affirms and denies itself repeatedly. In the process of humanity and time and event overlapping, it is symbolized in different shapes. Artists will describe it with their own feelings. The appearance of different things has their own nodes. Each node is different in distance and height. Everyone is walking in an uncertain world. The unconscious mind of memory has no direction, or it is exploring and embracing the uncertainty processes. Each artistic workcomes from an artist’s summary of irregular thoughts describing the human nature to different extents under the superposition of events and time. art-D Award is the recognition and encouragement for the artist’s summary of thoughts, but it is by no means the goal of artistic creation. The updating of ideas is the greater premise for artistic creation development. The more important significance lies in being involved as a way to promote and stimulate the contribution of contemporary artistic creation.

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