There is no lack of beauty in the world but a lack of eyes to find the beauty

There are three ways for human civilization to spread to this day: science, religion and art. Art is not only the soul of human beings but also the value of them. Art brings a sense of beautyand values. What does art bring us? Everyone certainly has his or her own answer. However, different ways lead to the same goal. Art brings the soulto us through tangible objects. Art is the catalyst to ignite the inspiration of life. It can continuously broaden our abilities in and understanding on perceive art. It can also help us explore the first scene of art, learn about the art dynamics worldwide and intuitively understand the spirit of art. We can set up the ways and means of art appreciation through the real-time experience of immersive art to broaden our aesthetic and cultural vision. Only by keeping curious about everything can we not be abandoned and eliminated by the times. Great artistic works will increasingly show their artistic charm with the passage of time.

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