Art is in life, life is between designs and the truest aspect in life
The invisible world in daily life is the essence of life. In the present life, life, design and art have been organically integrated as a whole. Design injects spirituality into life and adds a beautiful appearance to it. Art chooses to deviate from the gorgeous life. Looking inward, it goes deep into things, restores and reveals the essence of life by examining the most basic body. The traces of both of them strengthen the sense of material existence and the timeliness of process dynamics, and a new harmonious relationship was born in the conflict. Art and design interpret the interactive intermediary between body perception and environment, thinking about body and soul, reflecting on the loss of body autonomy and the significance of technological development to life, reexamining the relationship between the virtual and the real and indicating that the real connotation of art and design lies in the invisible and visible parts of life. The times gave birth to a city of inspiration for artists and designers. Urban space is actively rebuilt and utilized, extending the definition of life from inside to outside.
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